Club History: Where It All Began

Lansdowne Bhoys Soccer Club was formed in 1997 with the ambition of furthering the role of soccer in the lives of Irish emigrants living in the Bronx and Yonkers. Born in the Lansdowne Bar on Broadway, Riverdale by a small core of committed activists, today the club boasts three Adults teams and is working on developing a Youth program with Yonkers United.


2017: The Year the Bhoys owned on the National Stage

Soccer in the United States is currently at a crossroads. As the amount of semiprofessional leagues rapidly increases, so too does the rise in new stakeholders who each have a new say in how the game should be developed in this country. Paramount to this discussion is the role of promotion/relegation and the establishment of a pathway through the US soccer hierarchy; many leagues claim to house the best teams, yet those proclamations need to be tested. As such, one competition, the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup, allows for a cross-pollination of leagues for a multitude of teams to prove their prowess on the pitch. To that end, 2016 saw the Landowne Bhoys assert themselves as a major player in the US soccer circuit, with a burgeoning reputation only strengthened by a series of upset victories.

This year was the Club’s most successful year to date, the clubs first team won the U.S Amateur Cup and the Werner U.S Open Cup completing a unique national double, they also won the NY State cup becoming only the 3rd team in history to complete this treble of cups, add to that the Region 1 Amateur and Fricker cups, our senior reserve team won the State cup and were runners up in the league and our senior metro team won their state cup, along with both Irish consulate cups it was a remarkable number of trophies to pick up in one calendar year. We also had our U12 team complete a successful tour in Scotland UK, they even managed to beat out partner club Celtic FC.

The Lansdowne Bhoys FC and Yonkers United youth system officially amalgamated on January 1st, 2018 to form “Lansdowne Yonkers Football Club Inc.” This is another massive step for the club as we now have three adult teams of which our first team are the United States of America Double Amateur National Champions along with a youth set up consisting of over 400 Bhoys and Girls with professionally certified coaches.

Subsequently, we host annual winter, spring and summer clines attended by over 80 kids who received top-level coaching by our in house coaches and Glasgow Celtic youth coaches. We have annual international youth travel team that has been to Ireland to play in the famous Foyle Cup in Derry and two Glasgow, Scotland to play against Celtic’s professional youth sides. These events represent monumental progress for the club. As ever these events would not have happened were it not for the tireless work of our committee and volunteers. A huge thank you must go out to all the volunteers, coaches, managers and especially the committee members whose work makes this club possible.


Player of the Month

Jack Doherty