Lansdowne Announce Partnership with Veo

We are thrilled to announce that Lansdowne Yonkers FC is partnering up with technology giant Veo Camera for the upcoming seasons!

In line with our goals and vision for player development, the club and its youth and adult teams will now be able to have selected games recorded and analyzed by coaches and players.

We strongly believe the club and its players will benefit greatly from being able to watch themselves playing in a game, but also for the coach to use the footage and its benefits to get his or her points across when teaching the fundamentals of decision making, positioning and other key aspects of the game.

Former Director of Soccer Operations, Johan Mauritzson, is pleased about the new development at the club; “Player development and teaching the game on several topics are crucial for developing a broad understanding of the game. Now, for the first time in the club history, we are finally able to provide a tool that will allow teams and games to be recorded throughout the season”. “We strongly believe the use of footage and visualization for players and coaches will benefit our goals and vision of having a club that cares and nurtures the education of soccer to a greater understanding for all players”